Here, let me translate that for you…

Romney campaining
Here are some quotes from this TPM story:

“He’s ignoring the Constitution, trying to become a dictator and make us dependent on the government,” he said. “I don’t think a good portion of America realizes what he’s doing — if they did he’d lose in a landslide.”

He’s black. Just look, black!

“This is really the first election I’ve felt absolutely terrified,” Thornton said. “Fox is trying desperately to make it out to be a Romney landslide, but I’m nervous.”

The President might continue to be black. It’s so upsetting, that I can almost see through Fox’s bullshit!

The biggest hurdle Thornton feared was Obama’s continued likability. “He has the charisma,” she said. “But he’s a liar.”

He’s handsome, I guess, but in a black way.

“Michael Jordan could be president on that basis,” he said. “I don’t mean to sound glib, but are we electing someone to know the top hip hop songs — or to get the job done?”

Black people should be athletes or rappers. Not presidents!

Lisa Beazley, 51, said she was “praying very hard and hoping people have common sense” ahead of election day. The stakes felt especially high for her, having lost her job as a medical assistant earlier in the year.
“I wasn’t looking for a miracle, it’s a tough job,” she said of the president. “But [the recovery] is just not here.”

I sure hope people notice that he’s black. Even after four years, he’s still black.

“I still worry Obama has a shot,” she said. “There’s a lot of people out there that do depend on the welfare system and it worries me. I’m not saying I’m against the system — we all need it from time to time — but you also have to help yourself. You can’t be on it forever.”

There are a lot of black people on welfare. That’s bad. If I ever needed welfare, though, that would be okay.

Other possible roadblocks to the White House Romney supporters cited included “class envy,” media bias, an unwillingness to fire the first black president, and a weak economy masquerading as an emerging recovery.

Black, Hollywood liberals, reverse racism, and black.

“Christie’s an honest man and you got to give the president credit where it’s due,” Beazley said.

Christie is white, so I’m willing to let Obama’s blackness slide on this one.

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